2014 Android design competition

Anybody interested in Android design should have a look at the results of Taylor Lings Android UIUX Redesign Challenge

Last year Taylor ran a similar Challenge and got some really great entries.  This year I decided to sponsor some additional prizes for the winners.

In my mind some of the standout entries are:


My Battery Saver



While it is obviously inspired by timely, this entry reminded me that the kind of flat transparent style which timely used hasn’t really taken off much on Android.  It would be great to see more apps taking inspiration from this.



runpee_001---IntroThis is a very well thought out re-design of an app obviously in much need to some design love.  A lot of attention has gone into the design and the end result is great.




This is a very thoughtful design, which makes good use of Android design patterns to produce an elegant app.  Its not ostentatiously showy like some other designs, but the end result is a solid design which would be a pleasure to use.




I knew James Jun would produce something special – he seems to have a knack for making crisp clear designs.  I particularly like the use of the 3 tabs in this app replacing the action bar.