2014 Yow Connected Presentations

In 2014 I was lucky enough to be chosen to give two presentations at Yow Connected. The first of my presentations was titled “Android for iOS people

As a freelancer, many of the customers I work with have extensive iOS experience, but little or no Android dev experience. iOS focused organisations and developers have many questions about Android development: About the android ecosystem, fragmentation, test devices, app design, libraries to use and what to expect from Android development. Making the situation even worse there is a large amount of hyperbole and uninformed opinions spouted online by the supporters and detractors of both operating systems.

We will cover many of the common questions those with iOS experience have about Android, providing concrete advice on subjects such as dealing with multiple screen sizes, choosing test devices, what versions of android to support, etc. We will discuss the Android ecosystem and the business aspects of building Android applications. Finally we will conclude with some short code examples, showing how to use the Android SDK to create a simple ‘hello world’ project in Android studio.

The slides along with presenter notes, are available here: Android for iOS people.key

My second presentation was titled “A simple, scalable app architecture with Android annotations

A simple, scalable app architecture using the Android Annotations library will be presented. The app architecture has been used in multiple projects to quickly and reliably produce well architected, maintainable apps, with a minimum of effort. We explore how the Android Annotations library can be used to solve several problems with android application development, such as excessive boiler plate code and dealing with interactions between background tasks and the UI thread. We will also discuss how this architecture can be easily scaled from small apps with no persistent storage all the way up to complex applications backed by a DB and interacting with multiple web services and 3rd party APIs.

The slides and presenter notes are available here: Application Archetecture with Android Annotations 2.key