Screencast – A simple, scalable app architecture with Android Annotations

Two years ago at Yow Connected 2014 I gave a presentation on the architecture I have been using to develop android applications, titled “A simple, scalable app architecture with Android Annotations”.  Last night I got to repeat the presentation at our local google developers group meeting.

Over the past few years there has been a lot of discussion amongst the android community about software architecture.  The conversation has definitely moved along from where it was in 2014.  However despite a number of alternatives being proposed such as CLEAN and MVP, I found the architecture I presented still holds up very well.


A screencast of my presentation can be viewed on youtube.

The slides along are avaliabile here: Application Archetecture with Android Annotations 2 and a version with speaker notes is also available here:  Application Archetecture with Android Annotations 2.key