New app – Clean RPN

Its time to talk about one of my newest apps: Clean RPN

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Clean RPN is a simple and clean RPN calculator for android phones and tablets, supporting a many functions.  Clean RPN support android 2.2+ and runs on both tablets and phones.

Unlike other RPN calculators which try and mimic the appearance 30 year old desk calculators, clean RPN takes advantage of the screen space and rich input that your phone or tablet provides. The results of your calculation appear while you type and a scrollable list of pervious calculations allows you to easily keep track of your history.


  • Perform calculations using RPN – Reverse Polish notation AKA postfix notation
  • Results appear as you type your calculation – no need to press enter
  • Scroll through a list of history
  • Tap on a result from your history to include it in the current calculation
  • Support for tablets and phones
  •  Share your history via e-mail, etc
  • Use custom number and function key boards to build your calculation – or your devices built in keyboard
  • Wide number of mathematical functions supported

Apart from the wide number of mathematical functions it supports Clean RPN is technically interesting for a number of reasons.  It supports android 2.2+, can make use of either the built in or the onscreen android keyboard and it’s core is implemented as a native library using java JNI.

In a series of later posts I will describe the process of building Clean RPN.