Consulting work – Papercloud

In my portfolio I typically feature Android applications I have written.  However in addition to writing apps, I also do Android related consulting and training.  Recently I have been doing a lot of work with a talented digital agency: Papercloud.  Papercloud describe themselves as

… A nimble and entrepreneurial digital product development studio that specialises in mobile app development, backend development, UI/UX design and digital product strategy. We place a strong emphasis on usability and design, while keeping a focus on the commercial benefits of every project.


Over the past few months Papercloud have been developing on some great Android applications.  Some of the work I have been doing with them has been coding, such as fixing issues, adding features, etc.  However thats just the tip of the iceberg, during my engagement with Papercloud I have:

  • Helped kick off development on several exciting new projects.  This included providing advice on architecture, libraries, tools, code style, etc.
  • Provided advice on the design of Android apps, including the holo design language and adapting iOS apps to Android.
  • Advised both Papercloud’s digital producers and developers on the technical aspects of taking photoshop designs and transforming them into a responsive application, that can run across the many screen sizes and densities supported by Android.
  • Mentored developers in Android app development and provided code reviews.
  • Advised Papercloud on the Android eco system and strategy.

And finally:

  • Stared in awe at the shiny new 3D printer they have in the office!

All up, its been a busy few months.

Tomas Spacek, the technical director at Papercloud had the following to say:

Luke is excellent. He’s a great communicator, understands projects easily, and to top it off really knows his stuff.

You should head over to Paperclounds portfolio have have a look at some of the excellent work they have been doing, not just on Android, but also on iOS and the web.