CV of Luke Sleeman

Skype: lukesleeman


To continue to build on my success as a freelance developer, specialising in Android mobile development.  To use my Android skills and attention to detail to produce apps of the highest quality, which delight users and enhance their lives.


If you looking for an experienced coder, who can deliver Android or HTML5 mobile applications, then I am your man! 10+ years of full stack development means I have the experience to delivery on your requirements in a quick and efficient manner.  I have worked on a number of exciting projects from producing tiny MVP’s for startups, to developing apps for large international brands. Some of the highlights include working with the digital agency “Involved” to produce the Accor hotels Asia Pacific app, which was featured in the play store as an editors pick and developing EnhanceBooth for Amasso Apps which went straight to the top of the Australian paid charts in its section and picked up over 120k users in the first month.


Freelance software developer

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA — 2013 – present

As a freelance software developer I get to work with a wide variety of individuals and organisations on many different projects.  I am responsible for the entire business lifecycle of my company from customer acquisition and lead generation, negotiation, software design and development and relationship management.

I have deep experience with Android and HTML 5 across many different organisations.  I am able to quickly dive into an existing codebase and become productive straight away, providing bugfixes, suggestions and advice.  I am also able to complete green field development projects, starting providing advice to the customer about requirements, software libraries and platforms.  Building the project using relevant software engineering techniques, before finally managing the rollout of apps to the play store and websites to their customers.

My portfolio contains an up to date list of projects that I have worked on.  New apps are regularly added.

Software development manager and specialist – Spatial Vision

Victoria, Australia — 2008 – 2013

While at Spatial Vision I have worked on a number large projects.  I continued to develop my skills both in management and in software development.  Some of the projects I have been involved in are:

ICE Project – Department Of Primary Industries, Victoria

The ICE project was a multi-million program commissioned by the Department Of Primary Industries (DPI) Victoria.  The goal of ICE was to provide a web based system for recording and reporting on the data generated each month by commercial fishers.  I joined the ICE project as an analyst early on in the requirements phase.  The requirements phase was very troubled and would eventually significantly overrun its budget and timeframe.

Once ICE transitioned to the development phase I took over day to day management of the project as the development lead.  Despite working against a complex set of requirements in a politically difficult environment I was able to successfully complete development of ICE.  The ICE development phase was 10% under budget and the resulting software is being successfully used in production by DPI.

It is worth noting that the overall ICE project was managed using the Prince 2 project management methodology.  It was during the ICE project that I achieved my qualification in “Prince 2 foundations”


  • Implemented a large web based J2EE application using RichFaces and JQuery.
  • Completed development of a large and complex project under budget.
  • Managed a large team of developers implementing a complex set of requirements.
  • Successfully managed a difficult client relationship to produce a successful outcome for DPI.

FishOnline Project – Department Of Primary Industries, NSW

The FishOnline project was similar in scope to the ICE project.  It also involved the management of commercial fishers and recording and reporting on the information produced by them.  I was brought onto the FishOnline project at a number of times: To provide assistance hunting down difficult bugs.  To provide advice on the software development process.  To provide assistance transitioning to the use of semantic html, increasing CSS use and implementing CSS grids.


  • Fixed a number of difficult to find bugs, helping to bring the project back on schedule.
  • Provided advice in Agile development methodologies and on managing software developers.
  • Championed the use of Semantic HTML, CSS and CSS grids.
  • Helped fixing difficult cross browser CSS issues.

FisherMobile Project – Prototype for Department Of Primary Industries, NSW

The FisherMobile project as a prototype developed inside Spatial Vision, to demonstrate the potential of HTML5 to deliver offline web applications.  The FisherMobile prototype demonstrated of DPI NSW could replace a complex IVR reporting system with a single cross platform HTML5 app for smartphones.  The FisherMobile prototype involved a number of new technologies such as: Heavy use of Javascript, Knockout.js, JQuery Mobile, HTML 5 local storage and the HTML 5 application cache.


  • Used HTML 5 to deliver a cross platform mobile app.
  • Used application cache and local storage to implement a HTML 5 app which could be installed on phones and work offline.
  • Use knockout.js and JQuery mobile to produce an interface optimised for mobile phones

Mapscape Project – Spatial Vision, Victoria

The mapsape project delivers authoritative, high performance mapping on tablet devices.  It is currently used by the CFA, SES, etc to provide detailed maps of regional victoria to their members.  I worked on developing an Android version of the mapscape product based on an existing iPad product.


  • Created an Android program for tablets.
  • Created a new user interface design, that would be familiar to users of the iOS app, while conforming to the Android style guidelines and paradigms.
  • Implemented a mapping layer using the OSMDroid open source mapping library.
  • Dealt with platform inconsistencies to deliver an app which could manage and load over 16gb of mapping data stored on the device.


Software development team leader – Ordermate

Victoria, Australia — 2003 – 2008

I started work with OrderMate developing their Java based Point Of Sale (POS) system for restaurants in 2003.  My initial position was as a cadet, as part of my universities program of “Industry based learning”.  During the remainder of my university course I continued to work part time at OrderMate, doing java software development. Upon graduation I commenced full time work with OrderMate, developing new features and fixing bugs in their POS system. In 2007 I was promoted to the position of software development team lead. In that position I was responsible for managing the development of Ordermates POS system.  This included the responsibility for helping to develop the product roadmap assigning tasks to developers and managing the day to day activity around development.


  • Developed a large portion of the OrderMate POS and architecture (at the time I left I was the biggest committer into the codebase)
  • During my time the POS went from a prototype installed in 3 restaurants, to a successful commercial product installed in over 300 restaurants around Australia.
  • Managed development tasks and roadmaps in a high pressure startup environment.
  • Implemented a unit testing regime that led to over 1200 unit and regression tests being developed.
  • Transitioned from an Ad-Hoc development process where releases took over 6 months to produce to an Agile development process with a one month release cycle.

Speaking Engagements



  • Android Australia User Group (Melbourne) – ‘Pure Android’ – Adapting an iPad design to Android tablets


Swinburne University, Australia

Bachelor’s of Software Engineering — 2000 – 2005

Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, including 1 year of industry based learning. Graduated with upper second class honors.



  • Managing agile software development teams.
  • Crystal Clear agile development software methodology.
  • Prince 2 project management methodology.
  • Implementing agile software development practises and unit testing.
  • Managing client relationships.
  • Working to a strict budget and deadline.


  • Android development in Java
  • HTML 5 and CSS expert, including mobile HTML5 apps.
  • Javascript, JQuery, Knockout.js
  • Over 10 years experience doing full stack development in a large number of technologies.
  • Extensive experience in Java, Hibernate, Swing, RMI, J2EE, JSF, RichFaces, PHP, SQL, SSRS, web services both Restfull and SOAP based, etc