New App – Soscribe

Soscribe is an intelligent mobile app that helps you monitor and filter incoming tweets and Facebook updates based on the interests it learns from you. Instead of you sifting through hundreds of social posts every day, Soscribe will scan through them like your very own personal assistant and notifies you when it finds something that matters to you.


Soscribe is available in the google play store:

Get it on Google Play

My involvement with the Soscribe project actually started with writing a document – The Soscribe team engaged me to produce an analysis of their existing application, and document a series of proposed UI changes to:

  • Improve the usability of the application
  • Enhance the apps consistency and polish
  • Bring the application in line with the Android design guidelines

The initial engagement went well, and concluded with me documenting over 31 pages of improvements to be made, each one listed with a rationale, pros, cons and implementation tips.

The Soscribe team then hired me to make the suggested modifications to their application.  This involved diving into their existing codebase and quickly becoming productive.  As part of the work I also analysed the overall code quality and made suggestions for future improvements and evolution of the application.  In addition to the UI work, the Soscribe app also involved integration with the Twitter and Facebook API’s along with GPS tracking.


The end result is a polished and simplified UI experience suitable for rolling out to users in Soscribes beta program.