New Apps – Enhancebooth and Leanbooth


Get it on Google Play


Get it on Google Play

Enhancebooth and Leanbooth are a family of apps that allow you to make anything bigger or smaller.  To use:

– Simply take a photo or choose from gallery
– Select desired shape/shapes
– Scale over the area you would like to enhance in the image
– Enhance as big as you like
– Click the “show original” & “show enhanced” to see the difference
– Click the “photo filters” to add different shades to your image
– And then save or share via social media.

Ammasso Apps engaged me early on in Enhance Booths development after their previous developer departed.  I was responsible for taking the existing codebase, cleaning it up and fixing many bugs and issues.  This meant I had to rapidly understand the existing codebase and be productive right away.  I also had to implement many significant missing features to bring the app up to parity with the iOS version.  Enhance Booth makes extensive use of OpenGL and an important part of my work on the project consisted of making sure the graphics processing ran across the broad range of devices which make up the Android ecosystem

Sam Naim, founder of Ammasso apps had the following to say:

We found Luke as we were struggling to get Enhance Booth developed for Android.  We wanted to move into Android to increase our revenue and and support some of the most popular phones available on the market.  Android is a very different platform to iOS and making the leap over can be difficult.   Luke has been a great, reliable partner to work with and his extensive Android experience made it easy.  After release our android apps went straight into the ‘top new paid’ and ‘top new free’ charts and stayed there!  We are really happy with everything he has done for us including customer service and price:)


After its release Amasso apps promoted Enhance Booth heavily.  The android version of Enhance Booth managed to pick up over 100,000 users in its first month and both the paid and free version spent a long time in their respective top 10 charts, in the play store.  During this time I was responsible for monitoring submitted crash reports, reproducing customer issues and releasing updated versions of the software to the play store.

image image 2

Lean Booth is a re-branded version of the Enhance Booth codebase.  Instead of making things larger Lean Booth makes things thinner.  Lean Booth also adds a number of new filters and effects that can be applied to an image.