New Apps – Enso Locate SDK and Enso Mobile App

Art processors provide mobile apps for museums and tourists sites.  I have worked with art processors to help develop the Android SDK for their enso locate product.  Enso locate is a software library and cloud hosting service which provides indoor device location using bluetooth beacons.  This involved developing a stable API and documentation which would allow other developers to add the enso locate library to their apps.

You can sign up to beta test the enso locate API at:

At the same time I also worked with Art Processors to help refresh the android app for their enso platform.  Art Processors describe the enso platform as:

… an integrated technology suite designed for creating world-class mobile experiences at museums, cultural institutions and tourist sites.

The Android enso app connects to the enso CMS system and presents users with an interactive guide.  Users are shown object listings and information based on their location.  The Enso app makes use of the Enso Locate api, to determine the device’s position using bluetooth beacons.