WWDC keynote wrapup

As is usual around WWDC an endless amount of ink has been spilled criticising, praising and analysing the various announcements. As an Android developer its only natural for me to view what has been announced through an Android prism. There are two bits of commentary which I thought summed up things up from the Android point of view pretty well. Firstly Chris Lacy, the developer of Action Launcher and Link Bubble posted this very good summary to google plus. One nice point I think he makes is:

It’s easy (and mostly accurate) to point at a great many of the features announced and say “Android had them first and Apple are playing catchup”. This misses the point on a few levels. Firstly, Apple’s M.O. is to be the best, not necessarily the first. Also, as of the day iOS 8 releases publicly, it doesn’t really matter that Android users have had feature X for Y years previously. iOS devices now have these features, and their users are going to be delighted.

Geek.com seemed to have its finger on the pulse of the bigger strategic direction of what apple is trying to do in terms of the war against google:

Smartphone fanboys will spend the next few days arguing about whether or not Apple did anything interesting yesterday. Third party keyboards? Welcome to 2011, Apple. Calling from my laptop or tablet? Do you even AirDroid, bro? How about Google Voice? The conversation isn’t all that interesting, and usually ends in slinging insults or moving goalposts, and that’s because the larger point is being missed. Apple isn’t just taking the best parts of Google and sewing it into iOS. Let’s be honest, each of the smartphone OS designers have been taking cues from one another for years now, and for the most part that is a good thing for everyone. What Apple did yesterday was a lot more deliberate, and a lot more targeted. Apple took to the stage with a single goal in mind, to categorically replace the need for Google in your life.