New App – ZettaBeam

ZettaBeam is a media player, based off X-Box media center.  The ZettaBeam device is produced by a startup, aimed at the Chinese market.  Code Monastery in Sydney were contracted to build an app for controlling the ZettaBeam device via android smart phones.  I worked closely with Code Monasteries junior Android developer to produce the ZettaBeam app.  The app was based off the open source ‘Kore’ application.  I was responsible for the overall software architecture, along with helping to manage Code Monasteries android developer on a day to day basis.  I also developed a significant portion of the ZettaBeam application, modifying the existing Kore codebase and implementing a new UI.  The UI needed to be built in a way that would allow the app to be translated into chinese.

device-2016-02-25-181352 device-2016-02-25-181422 device-2016-02-25-181508 device-2016-02-25-181615

The ZettaBeam hardware is currently undergoing testing and will be available for purchase in China shortly.