Updated app – Soscribe

Soscribe is startup which provides a service for monitoring and filtering your social networking streams.  Soscribe aims to provide you with relevant posts, based on your location, activities and interests.  I’ve now worked together with Soscribe for a number of years and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see how they iterate on and improve their product.  Most recently, I’ve worked closely with Soscribes designers, server team and founders to launch a visual refresh of the Android product.  This involved adding support for rich content, large full bleed imagery, inline maps, image galleries and compelling visual effects.  The app also re-focused on delivering relevant local content.


Soscribe had this to say about their updated app:

It has been a long time coming and there are still a lot of improvements to do but we can finally say we have nailed it this time with over 25% WEEKLY user retention without any intervention.

The Soscribe app can be downloaded from the play store at:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soscribe.soscribe&hl=en